The past few years have witnessed a stark rise in travel. Planning is a key aspect when it comes to vacations. People are spending huge bucks to experience high-quality services and find their perfect destination. Vacation rentals have surfaced as a new favorite for travelers, who believe in home-like vacations in contrast to booking hotel rooms. If you ask us, we are all in favor of supporting the hype for this new trend.

So let us check why booking the best vacation rentals in Port Aransas is a smarter choice than booking hotels:

1) So many options

For travel freaks, booking vacation rentals can give them a lot more options and amenities; something which is next to impossible when booking hotel rooms. Vacation rentals are a perfect getaway for a fun-filled vacation, with a destination and amenities that suit your style. Check the options:

Are you among the lot who prefer high-rises and are open to sharing outdoor amenities? Condos are your best bet. If you want to steer away from the crowds, to spend some quality time with your partner, book private vacation rentals. When the adrenaline rush is what you enjoy, select a cottage in the mountains beside a quiet lake or nearby a ski resort.

For beach enthusiasts who love enjoying a glimpse of sunrise and sunset from their balcony, a private vacation rental is just perfect. When you think of beaches, vacation rentals in Port Aransas will blow your mind; all you need to do is locate the right one. The Mayan Princess has the best home vacation rentals; a home away from home so you can enjoy the most relaxing vacation of your dreams.

booking vacation rentals

2) Save Hell lot of money   

Vacation rentals help in cost-cutting; they are way more affordable than hotels. The bonus is that it comes with a lot more space. On average, a vacation home rental is spread in a 1,300 square feet area.  In contrast to this, hotel rooms are like mouse holes, covering barely 325 square feet on average. Booking multiple rooms for kids or family can burn a hole in your pocket. The price of booking vacation rentals can be almost one-third in comparison to booking hotel rooms for a week. If you book vacation rentals, you can save bundles while enjoying the luxury of more space.

Hotels are run by business tycoons with a huge staff. They charge for every service they provide to the guests. Home vacation rentals are usually stocked with anything that you might need. If you are lucky, you may find books, board games, or DVDs in your rental at no extra cost. What is more, you have the liberty to get your stuff. What a relief! You won’t have to pay to watch your favorite movie or play your favorite game.

Since most vacation home rentals have all the amenities like washers and dryers, it can save costs on laundry as guests can clean their clothes without paying any extra charges. No stress of washing bundles of clothes when you return home after your vacation!

The kitchen is well-equipped with appliances and utensils. So you need not stick to the boring restaurant menu; you can either bring in local food of your choice or cook healthy meals.Isn’t it a great way to chip-off extra expense? We know that you are on a vacation and want to relax. Dining out moderately is fun, but too much outside food can harm your health and blow your budget.

When guests visit the local markets and farms, they can get acquainted with the local produce and culture. A fantastic way to support small businesses! Home vacation rentals can be the best choice if you are traveling in a big group or have planned a long holiday.

3) Your own sweet space and time

Privacy is a great concern when it comes to hotels. Sharing bathrooms with two or more people can sometimes be an annoying experience. Even if you book a suite instead of hotel rooms, you will have to share pools, hot tubs, eating space, a waiting or play area, and laundry facilities.  Irritants like the HVAC and elevator noise can add to your stress. So even after paying a bomb, you have to suffer from the inconvenience and compromise our privacy.

You are the king in your vacation rental; you can have your bedroom, bathroom, and all the other facilities just to yourself. Some vacation rentals have private hot tubs, pools, and seating areas; a perfect way to unwind and relax with your loved one. Vacation rentals are a super choice for families as parents can spend time together without any worries, post putting the kids off to bed.

It can be an intimidating task to find a hotel that can accommodate your four-legged family member. Pet rooms are chargeable and can be exorbitant. Even after paying so much, many times, your cutie pie will be in rooms that are less desirable and are not kept well. It can be quite disheartening to see your pet in such a condition.

No issues for car-parking in home vacation rentals as you can park your vehicle onsite in an attached driveway or garage.

4) Security Concerns

Hotel staff walks in and out of your room to clean and restock supplies. Your precious belongings must go in the safe or best kept at your home. It is where the added security of vacation home rentals can be a boon.

Random strangers are forbidden to enter the premises without permission. A simple passcode provided to the guests can give them entry to the premises. There is no need to take care of any key or pay an extra charge if you end up losing one.

If anything breaks, you need not worry. Property rental managers have contacts with local companies who will address your grievances 24/7. They are specialized staff who makes the guests at ease with their prompt services.


Booking vacation rentals can be on your cards to get the most fulfilling holiday time with friends and family. You can book a cottage, bungalow, or condos in Port Aransas for rent; but ensure that the location of these rentals is apt. Only if it is conducive, will you enjoy the things to do in Port Aransas to the fullest. The Mayan Princess is a must-visit vacation rental in Port Aransas for a memorable holiday in the lap of nature.