All of you have certainly heard about a vacation; but do you know the meaning of a staycation? Well, you don’t need to google to learn all about it.

Ideally, the end goal of both these excursions is to help you unwind and relax, giving you the much-needed rejuvenation to bounce back to your routine. However, following the coronavirus pandemic, safety precautions and health concerns have made many switch to this new way of vacationing.

Read our complete guide to understand the benefit of a staycation.

What is a staycation?

A vacation is a recreational trip, which may be short or long away from home. For many, vacations in the true sense of the word are a trip abroad, away from one’s home, where one can explore varied environments, cultures, and traditions. Most people plan to go on vacation approximately once or twice a year as it involves a lot of planning and is often expensive. 

Whereas a staycation refers to holidaying in a vacation rental in and around your hometown for a day or overnight trip. Staycations include exploring leisure activities in nearby places, eliminating the need for booking and planning.

Why Choose a Staycation?

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There are a few reasons why staycations have become popular. Vacation rentals in Port Aranas give you a few reasons:

Staycations are Generally Budget-Friendly

Since staycations involve exploring areas close by, you won’t have to splurge on expensive flight tickets. Oftentimes, day trips won’t even require you to book accommodations. If you are going for a long weekend, you may have to spend some money on fuel prices, which will be cheaper than long-haul flights.

There is nothing more rejuvenating than a staycation beachside. If you are lucky to live around the Port Aransas coastal areas, you’ll always have a place to take a quick weekend getaway. To ensure a great time, we recommend you book a condo on the beach to enjoy breathtaking views. The best part about weekend getaways is that the money you saved on flights can be used to spend on fancier accommodations or fun activities during your staycation.

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Staycations Require Less Planning

With staycations, you can relax as you may not need to map out every minute detail of your trip. Since staycations are shorter in duration, they are more spontaneous, eliminating the need to spend hours booking flights, planning out multiple days of activities, etc. All you need to do is google or chat with friends about some good destination, pick a bag and some essentials, figure out how to reach your destination, and then you are set! The planning will hardly take much time; in fact, you can even do it during your lunch break!

Those who have visited our Port Aransas beachfront homes will vouch for this heavenly accommodation filled with tons of activity, making it perfect for a staycation.

Staycations are Less Stressful

The Mayan Princess Beach Resort

The basic purpose of holidaying is to destress, unwind and relax! Long flights or drives can be stressful for many people; especially if you are traveling with kids or older adults it can take a toll. Travel stress can be exceptionally less if you have planned a day trip or a short trip over the week to a nearby destination. Another advantage of vacation vs staycation is that the shorter trip means less luggage- no heavy packing will be involved! You can dump all your gear, extra pair of shoes, snacks, etc. as there will be no weight restrictions, which can be an added advantage in reducing unwanted stress and keeping the expense in control.

Staycations allow you to enjoy your morning without stress. You can unwind on your staycation and come back to your real life feeling rejuvenated as there is no rush to cover various tourist spots when touring local destinations And if you are blessed with serene beach destinations in your locality then there is no better place to go for relaxing than the beach. Beach vacations can be important for you and your family to beat the routine stress, and come home completely rejuvenated. If you have booked Mayan Princess, the best vacation rental in Port Aransas for your next staycation, you can enjoy some much-needed family time in our plush condos by the beach.

Saves Traveling Time

Visiting far-away tourist locations means you need to book flights. Although air travel is the fastest way to commute, airports are time-consuming places. You can’t just get onto the plane; you need to arrive a few hours before, go through the security checks, and manage transportation on the other end as well. So aside from the days, you are counting as vacation time, you have to reserve a day or two just for travel. 

If you are traveling internationally, you will waste additional time-fighting jet lags. Local tours massively cut down on travel time, letting you enjoy your staycation to the fullest. So shorter bursts of breaks away from home means fun and frolic all the while without returning home completely exhausted.

Bring Pets More Easily

The best part about staycations is that you and your furry companions can travel and see the world together. Shorter breaks make it viable to bring your pets along without having to worry about the logistics, saving you from having to leave your fur baby at home. 

It is Environmentally Friendly

Environmental protection has become a great concern, considering the unprecedented rise in global warming levels. You inevitably have to take long flights and drives for vacations,  if you are traveling long distances, it will surely add to your carbon footprint. So if you decide to become eco-conscious, and make your little contribution towards environmental protection, then a staycation is a great place to begin. Staying local, especially in eco-friendly hotels can go a long way to lessen your carbon footprint.

Supports Local Economy

Staying closer to home means that you can support local businesses in your area. Spending time and money in your locality will certainly help the local business boom and help the area prosper even more. Since there is a chain of buyers and sellers involved in most businesses, the dollars you spend at a local restaurant will ultimately benefit every person who is a part of the chain. Is there anything better than seeing local businesses excel?


Staycations are a great way to spend time with family, relax and get away from the stress of daily life without having to spend an excessive amount of money on flights, fuel, and activities! Sometimes, weekend getaways are just what you need to feel rejuvenated, and they’re much easier on your wallet in comparison to a traditional vacation.

If you’re planning to stay in the Port Aransas area, visit The Mayan Princess beach resort and unveil the adventure that’s waiting for you! Hopefully, this blog has convinced you to take a much-needed break from everyday life and enjoy a staycation with your family and friends. We hope to see you at The Mayan Princess Beach resort soon.