Vacations have a different connotation for every individual; some like exploring the rustic mountain ranges, some enjoy soaking in buzzing city life while others may love exploring historic sites and culture. 

Although all these may be excellent options, does anyone need to be convinced about the magic of beach vacations? The feel of the soft sand between your toes, the rattling of waves, and soaking in the sun-kissed waters can be one of the most relaxing and exciting experiences for your entire family. Undoubtedly, going to the beach alone, as a couple, or with friends may be a totally different ball game as compared to going with your notorious little monsters. Beach and kids are an excellent combination; however, parents need to indulge in intricate planning and book the vacation rentals in advance before going out with your family to avoid any disappointment. 

So pack your bags and head for a great vacation to the splendid beaches of Port Aransas and enjoy a luxurious stay at our vacation rentals.

Read further to know the benefits of beach vacations for you and your family:

beach vacations

Benefits Overall Health

Besides having super fun under the sun, beaches bless their guests with ample physical as well as mental well-being. We all know that serene natural environments, in the lap of nature, have restorative benefits. The natural aura you can witness from the Port Aransas beachfront houses for rent feeds your souls, inducing a sense of peace thereby calming your mind. 

The sound of the waves sends signals to your brain, allowing you to relax, while the magnesium salts in seawater elevate your mood. Staying at the beach clears out your mental clutter because you get to spend time in a simple but soothing location. To put it simply, beaches can make you happy! So if your little one is throwing tantrums, pack them off to the beach and they will be less grumpy and cranky.

Do you know why people love to walk barefoot on the sand? The thousands of nerve endings on the soles of your feet get stimulated by walking on the soft sand. What is more, you can walk bare feet and directly access 27 miles of uninterrupted beach from the boardwalk at The Mayan Princess. The sand also rubs away dead skin cells acting as a natural exfoliating agent, making your pores breathe.

The saltwater can help heal the cuts and sores on your little one’s feet, while the sea minerals will help combat infection. Swimming in the ocean waters removes extra nasal mucus, clearing the nasal passageway. This can help relieve your kid from the most common irritant; a stuffy nose.

And of course, beaches proffers the much-needed vitamin D that is abundant in sunlight to strengthen your bones and improve your cardiovascular health. All in all, the beach offers excellent health benefits for you and your family.

A Break from The World Of Technology

Port Aransas condos on the beach

Let’s be honest: How much time do we and our kids spend with technology every day? Most of us would vouch that technology has crept into precious family time; adults and kids are submerged in cell phones, laptops, computers, etc. for the most part of their day.

Once you step into the crisp waters and soft beach sand the urge to hold your gadgets just vanishes into thin air. Just pack your nasty gadgets in our beautiful Port Aransas condos on the beach, and set out to chill and enjoy some wonderful activities on the beaches. You can try kayaking, surfboarding, swimming, beach volleyball, and much more until you all are drop-dead tired. Time away from gadgets not only destress your mind, but it gets you and your family fit and healthy without even knowing it. And the icing on the cake is that you are all spending quality time together!

Break from The Mundane Life 

Life at home is full of responsibilities for parents; they are juggling between home, work, and family. The little ones too have their structured routine, where they follow fixed schedules each day. A beach vacation is a welcome break for every member of the family. Not only this, it strengthens the bond between the parent and child. 

On a daily basis, conversations are very rudimentary, often inquiring about the school, homework, etc. When indulging in different beach activities, a sense of bonding and attachment is developed. Spending uninterrupted time with your kids, gives them a feeling of importance, boosting their self-confidence a great deal. Spending quality time in fun destinations, away from the hustle-bustle of routine life can immensely aid in renewing the feeling of family togetherness and creating long-lasting connections between parent and child.

Boosts Creativity and Fosters Imagination

Brain development is a great benefit of beach holidays. The limbic area of our brain consists of the play and seeking systems, which remain dormant at home in front of gadgets. When outdoors, simple activities like dipping your child’s feet in sand and water activate the play area. Additionally, when a child is exposed to different natural scenery, the brain marches on a seeking and exploring mode. These triggers improve the cognitive, motor, and social skills of a child. An improvisation in these skills fosters creativity and boosts imagination.

New Experiences promote Learning

activities on a beach vacation

Children are voracious learners, constantly grasping new details even outside of the classroom. Going on a family vacation allows children to obtain new information that can help in some way or the other throughout their lives.

For instance, when you explore the beaches and outdoor activities on a beach vacation, children can learn about marine life and different varieties of seafood. Speaking of seafood, since Port Aransas is popularly known as a fishing town, you can try some scrumptious and mother watering seafood varieties at some of the top-notch dining restaurants in town.

Another scope of learning would be when you are visiting different attractions on your vacation. Your vacation destination may have museums, sanctuaries, aquariums, etc that will give your younger ones an abundant opportunity for learning new things about the history, and environment of that location.

While interacting with locals and visiting new places, children can learn about the culture and tradition of that location that may be different from their own, teaching them to be open-minded. Also, this mode of learning can be far more exciting than learning from books or the internet. And the best part is that all these valuable experiences will help your child gather wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

Vacation is the time to explore different things as a family; every time the child encounters a new feeling or tries a new activity they overcome their fears and experience a whole new level of excitement. There are so many things to do, that there will not be a moment of boredom on your beach vacation. These moments can’t be described in words, but can be captured in your cameras! So just go click,click,click!

Lastly, beaches are the best locations for peaceful and quiet stargazing away from the harsh lights of a metro city. 


Besides these benefits, the best part about beach vacations is the opportunity to rent the plush vacation rentals as opposed to staying in a cramped hotel room or tent. Since our vacation rentals in Port Aransas are by the seaside, you can enjoy the magnificent views from your condos on the beach and relax to the hilt.

Our condos are equipped with world-class amenities(washer, dryer, wireless internet, hot tub area, and many more) to give you and your family a feeling of a home away from home. Once your little ones are off to bed after a tiring day, the two of you can escape enjoying the wild nightlife in our town. 

If you seem to be confused between Port Aransas and Corpus Christi beaches, we have got you covered. So the next time you are saving and planning for a family beach vacation in Port Aransas, booking condos at The Mayan Princess should be on top of your priority list.