Ultimate Guide For Family Beach Packing List

The New Year has brought a new ray of hope, giving people the courage to explore the beautiful world post the Covid-19 pandemic. With summers approaching, most parents are looking forward tospend some quality time near the ocean. 

Port Aransas has some celestial beaches that are a perfect getaway after a stressful year filled with responsibilities. You can start by booking vacation rentals in Port Aransas. The Mayan Princess is a perfect family beach destination filled with tons of activities for your family.  Parents work hard to save for these luxuries that can bring smiles to their kiddos. You can be assured to have a relaxing vacation with us and go back with a bundle of memories for a lifetime.

We all love traveling, but are we as excited to pack for the trip? To keep the excitement levels surging, you need to prepare well before going out for your beach adventure. Gone are the days when you were single and just needed to dump a few essentials before you set out on a trip. A family trip requires intricate planning and days of preparation. 

To make things simple, here is our beach essentials checklist that will come in handy when you are vacationing at the Port Aransas vacation rentals with your family.

Scroll through our ultimate guide for all the beach gear that you will need. 

A beach bag

Although you may want each one to carry their essentials, it doesn’t work that way with young kids. As parents, you will need to do all the carrying and, for that, a big beach bag with several pockets is the most important essential to start. Pockets help in organizing and locating the umpteen things you have packed in your beach bag.


Who does not love to play in the waters? Do you love reading a book or listening to music while sunbathing? Yeah, we all do. But none of us like the tan that comes as a gift. To save yourself from the ordeal of getting rid of the tan, don’t forget to pack a quality sunscreen. Apply a layer before leaving your Port Aransas vacation home rentals and keep adding additional layers every few hours. Kids will need that extra coating as they love spending hours playing in the sea waters.


Needless to say that once you are done enjoying in the waters, you need to pat yourself dry. Individual towels, even though they may consume a lot of space, are something that you can’t go without. Trying to scrimp with shared towels doesn’t work. If you can have initials on each towel, it is even better to avoid unnecessary quarrels.

Beach mat

You will need some base to set up your items. It is impossible to keep sand off the things that you carry to the beach. However, a mat can let you keep the sand at bay when you are binging on some snacks. Waterproof or sand proof mats that are easily foldable to fit in your beach bag are currently trending. Alternatively, use waterproof blankets with inner lining instead of mats. Fit sand anchors in your beach bag without fail or, your blanket might blow off with the winds.

Sun protection

A full day at the beach can be exhausting and tiring. You will need some shade on a calm sunny day; what better option than a full-size canopy tent or huge umbrellas. Besides sunscreen, polarized sunglasses are something you can’t afford to forget. Elasticated sunglasses will let them stay on kids for long. Sun hats are another quintessential sun protection gear to avoid fatigue or headache.

Swimwear and floaties

We know you won’t forget the bathers, but we would like to remind you to add swim goggles to protect the eyes from salty water. Standard swim goggles function just as well in the ocean waters. Kids love to explore sea life; without a snorkel set, you won’t be able to fulfill your kid’s desire.

If your tiny tots are not expert swimmers, then floats are a must to ensure their safety near the waters. Do not leave kids unattended in the waters, no matter what.

Beach footwear

We all know that shoes that let off sand and water easily are apt for beaches. It is annoying to walk with soaked shoes back to your transport and then to your Port Aransas vacation home rentals. Flip-flops or crocs are the most convenient beach footwear for kids and adults. Another thing to consider is that the footwear must provide a good grip on slippery or shelly beaches. We are overwhelmed with varieties of shoes that can have hybrid benefits.

Toys to play with

It is arduous to satisfy kids these days. No matter how much you carry, they will always fall short of things. Space restriction is the first thing to consider when packing toys for the kids. Obviously, what you carry would depend on the age and choice of each child. However, we have a few must take toys listed for you. A beach set(shovels, buckets, and spade) is an all-time favorite and will never become outdated. An inflatable beach ball comes in handy to play within the water and the sand. If your kids love surfing, carry a surfboard.


For photography and water lovers, it is worthwhile investing in a waterproof camera. With this, you can capture those wonderful family moments to cherish for a lifetime. Or else, take a waterproof case for your Smartphone and enjoy it in the waters.

Food and Water

With kids, no mom will ever forget to pack their favorite snacks and water. A family cooler with some ice for the hot summer days is what will save you from dehydration. Kids tend to get hungrier after playing in the water, so some healthy snacks that would last for the day are something you need to plan.

A medical kit

You know what your kids will need, so carry all the medication to avoid last-minute hassles. Kids are bound to get hurt, no matter how cautious you are. A small first-aid kit can heal the sharp cuts or bruises that kids can get while playing in the waters.

Trash and Wet clothing bag

You will be amazed at the trash you can collect in a single day at the beach. It is best to have a huge bag assigned as a trash bag nearby your mat to collect all your garbage. 


We know you are waiting to feel the sand between your toes and witness nature at its best. With all the research and planning, you are all set to go. But with kids along, things may not always work out according to your plans. But that’s the fun! It is a relief if your vacation home rentals are just a few miles from the beach. In case you forget or need something, you can always go back to your accommodation. 

The splendid architecture and proximity from the beach are another reason to book Port Aransas beachfront houses for rent at The Mayan Princess. There is a deep influence of the Mayan culture in the design of the resort that is evident the minute you walk in. It is one of the best place to stay if you are convinced to vacation with your family is Port Aransas.

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