Time flies! The summer season has set in and, it’s that time of the year when schools will be winding for the much-awaited summer break. Families anticipating the beach vacation are going to pack their suitcases and rush to their favorite destination. For many nothing can be more alluring than sitting by the beach, soaking up the sun rays, and drowning in the rhythmic music of the waves. A little planning up front can guarantee to make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

The Mayan Princess, offering one of the best vacation rentals, has curated this guide for you.

Read on to know the tips for planning a trip to Port Aransas for a perfect beach vacation.

1. Shortlist the perfect beach in Port Aransas

When choosing a destination, the problem creeps when there are thousands of options to choose from. So out tip number 1 is to research if the beach you have narrowed down is perfect for you and your family. Let’s say you choose plush beachfront condos in Port Aransas with your family, only to realize that the resort is booked by singles and couples. What a fiasco!

beachfront condos in Port Aransas

Remember to ring the reception and inquire about the type of beach and amenities available before you take a plunge. Besides this, some beaches are well-known for their mesmerizing view, while others are avoided due to the shelly sand which can prick your gentle feet. The beaches of Port Aransas are fantastically unique! The soft Texas sand and warm beach water provide the perfect backdrop for a full day of fun and frolic at the beach. You can tug the kids in bed and walk hand in hand with your partner on the sandy beaches in the pale moonlight.

2. Shortlist the perfect accommodation in Port Aransas

There is no shortage of options for you when choosing your beach rentals in Port Aransas. There are some exotic Port Aransas beachfront houses for rent or cozy romantic cottages spread all over the town. They all have their perks and quirks! Whether you decide to pamper yourself in a full-service resort or opt for a family-friendly hotel, its distance from the beach will play a key role. Imagine wading for hours through the traffic clogs to reach your beach vacation! You will already be exhausted by then. The nearer you are to the beach, the more fun you can have!

Shortlist the perfect accommodation in Port Aransas
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So if you want to choose a resort-like the Mayan Princess, with state-of-the-art condos and amenities, you will have to be brisk. Our condos tend to get occupied quite early during the peak times. The luxurious condos are within minutes of Port Aransas, North Padre Island, and Corpus Christi. The Padre Island seashore, which is teeming with birdlife and pristine beaches, is a 16-mile drive from the Mayan Princess.

The flawless beach condos provide breathtaking views of the three lagoon pools and the Gulf of Mexico. You can get almost everything in the condos besides groceries. The staff is very cooperative and will assist you with whatever you need to make your beach vacation comfortable and perfect.

3. Pick the best time of the year

Do you want to enjoy beach-friendly climates without the crowds? A little bit of research about the peak seasons and weather can go a long way. You can judge the kind of crowds you can expect to encounter based on the travel dates you finalize. Also, since you will be spending a good part of the day at the beach, knowing about the weather can help you pick that time of the year that suits you the best. If you don’t like the rains or high temps, just quit these times.

If Port Aransas is your top pick for this vacation, know that any time of the year is a good time to visit the beaches. The good news is that most properties in Port Aransas are on the same schedule when it comes to price. But don’t hesitate to confirm! Maybe you can find a booking at a later date at a cheaper price.

Peak summers are the most expensive as the weather is perfect to indulge in beach activities and get tanned. Just before and after the peak season, would be the most desirable time to book condominiums in Mustang Island. You will be able to procure desirable rates and have some exclusive time at the beaches and in the town of Port Aransas.

If you can’t adjust your schedule to vacation at Port Aransas this summer, there is nothing to sulk. Spring, fall, and winter are known for their phenomenal sunsets and are considered the most beautiful times to experience the beauty of Port Aransas.

4. Pack in Advance

condominiums in Mustang Island

There is a lot to carry for a beach trip, especially if you are traveling with your little ones. Planning your packing a little earlier can save you from the trouble of skipping essentials and can promote a stress-free holiday. Being forgetful can be expensive as many places may charge a hefty amount for the same thing that you might get at a reasonable rate from your hometown. If you make a list and stick to it, you can prevent blowing your travel budget off-guard. Read our complete guide on what you will need on your next beach vacation to Port Aransas.

5. Plan how you want to spend your time

Your heads will spin when you read about the tons of things to do on your beach trip to Port Aransas. When you have plenty of things to do, you can enjoy new experiences with your peers or family. Choose the perfect activities that will allure you and your companions by talking to local experts or other families on vacation. Always keep some spare time to explore new places; it can be exciting. To unwind, recharge and relax from the stressful day-to-day routines, it is important to spend some quality time relaxing.

Fishing is a no-exception Port Aransas tradition that you cannot afford to skip. There is off-shore, bay fishing, charter trips, group fishing trips, etc.; you can’t leave the coast until you get your hook wet.

If you want detailed information about the places to visit and activities to do in Port Aransas, click here. The Mayan Princess has something to offer all age groups; our location is apt for visitors to enjoy different thrills and adventures that can make their trip memorable.


We hope that this blog has managed to convince you that Port Aransas can be a perfect sublime seaside getaway for all ages. The Mayan Princess is all set to help you sort all the questions you may have on making your vacation beach trip exciting and relaxing for everyone. For booking the best vacation rentals in Port Aransas, contact The Mayan Princess.