Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting The Perfect Beach Rental For Your Holidays

So, it is vacation time and for many, it also means beach time. And to enjoy a beach vacation to its fullest, staying right there is a no-brainer.

However, where to stay on a beach?

The usual resorts are no longer appealing. Well, swimming with twenty others and sharing common areas is not enticing, right?

What if we could make you feel at home while you are near Port Aransas?

A home away from home is not another cliche phrase. Not if you select the perfect beach condos to rent. Likewise, Port Aransas and vacation rentals are now a go-to combination. 

Unsurprisingly, beach condos are growing in popularity for all the right reasons. They provide you the comfort and the amenities found in a normal home, whilst enough space to unwind peacefully.

The only drawback with beach rentals is the upfront work required. To research and choose from the numerous options is a pain.

To ease the process, here are seven key things to keep in mind when looking for a beach house rental.


You must have a fair idea of how much you are willing to spend on beach rentals. From condos in Port Aransas for rent to tiny houses, the choices can burn your wallet.

So, have a fair estimate and then start your research. While looking for beach houses, note that every tiny factor has a monetary impact.


 Like, a house right on the beach may be more expensive than the one a couple of hundred meters away from the beach. And this cost difference is not negligible.

 At times, the difference runs to several hundreds of dollars. 

So, knowing your budget in advance reduces the available choices by a fair margin.

Location — Beach-view or Beachfront

In Port Aransas, beachfront houses for rent are a common sign. However, if you walk for ten minutes, you shall find rental signs for beach-view houses. 

Now, are these two signboards different? Yes. 

A beach-view house can be a few streets or even a short ride away from the beach. And beachfront houses are those which are on the sand.

Beach-view or Beachfront

Getting the location of the house right is vital before planning to rent one. Ask for the location well in advance and look it up. You can never be careful enough, therefore use the internet to verify the location.Knowing the location can also help you find the best places to visit nearby.


Imagine staying in one of the Port Aransas condos on the beach but not having a pool. Whilst on a beach, why would I need a pool?

Enjoying the waves and sand is fine, but relaxing in a private pool is blissful. They are also great for taking a dip after dark hours or to dip your feet with a drink in hand.

Port Aransas condos

Look for pools that are convenient for your family. If you have a group of kids, an attached pool is ideal. Here, accessibility to the pool is the key. And some families prefer pools where the sun is forgiving. A bit of shade is great for those who are tired of swimming but not tired enough to go back indoors.


Enquiring about the kitchen is vital and often overseen. Ask the owners for the refrigeration facilities, snacks, and everything you need on the trip. This is one of the major tips to have a relaxing vacation

You do not want to reach the house, enjoy around, and return to a mere coffee-maker.

Most beachfront houses for rent on Port Aransas stock up the essentials in the kitchen. You can find multiple spices, oil, beverages, and other daily ingredients or eatables.

Few families tend to travel light and face issues when the beach house has no food. Therefore, research the provisions at the beach house and plan your purchases.

Indoor recreational activities

Everyone loves perfect weather during vacations and plans for the same. But, how do you pass time when there is a thunderstorm?

You planned to swim along the waves, but your plans are now washed away. 

At this juncture, recreational activities inside the house are a must. Condos on the beach may have a pool table or even a covered swimming pool. Other houses usually have puzzles, board games, books, and similar stuff. 

So, on that call with the owner, slip in the question of indoor activities and plan for a rainy day.

Cleanliness and hygiene

You would not want to rent a house that is not clean. Basic hygiene is a must and the house must reflect that for a comfortable stay. Do not believe the images of the house, the owner sent you. Dig deeper and search for the property online and look for reviews. These showcase the reality of the houses’ cleanliness.

Beach Condos

Imagine a great couple of hours in the water amidst the waves. Now, you return with a smile, also, wet and full of sand. 

The last thing you want is to flat-foot your way to the bathroom. This means an uncomfortable walk for you and slippery floors for others.

Some of the best beach houses have outdoor showers with a towel handy. Use these to shrug off the sand before stepping into the house.

Cancellation policy

Before saying ‘yes’ to any property, check the beach rental’s cancellation policy. An optimistic thought of – “I’ll never cancel this vacation” may hurt you.

From a personal emergency to a state-imposed restriction on movement — the chances of cancellation is always present. 

Hence, be on the safer side and know your rights on the cancellation of the rental.


Are you looking for a vacation in Port Aransas? The perfect beach house rental for you is right here. Yes, The Mayan Princess beach resort is the ideal facility to spend your vacation at.

You receive a healthy, hygienic stay at affordable rates. Along with it, the scope for entertainment is unparalleled. For the best vacation, contact us here.

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