Questions You Should Ask Before Reserving A Vacation Rental

Shortlisted as an awesome beach destination for your next stress-free vacation? Great! Convinced that vacation rentals offer unique benefits to travelers instead of a hotel? Awesome! Now the next big question is – How do you go about renting your vacation home?

With a variety of locations, sizes, and policies, finding a perfect beach vacation rental that best suits your needs can be overwhelming. Listings and larger-than-life photos can often misguide even frequent travelers. There is no denying that vacation home rentals are more homely, affordable, have better amenities, and offer a bang for your buck. But, if you end up selecting something that was falsely advertised, it is sure to give you a headache.

If you are not sure how to book a vacation rental, Port Aransas vacation rentals have got you covered with a list of rental vacation questions to ask for a perfect beach trip. 

Questions to ask before renting your vacation home:

Vacation Rentals in Port Aransas  - The Mayan Princess

How reputable is the vacation rental? 

Blindly booking a vacation rental property without reading customer reviews, feedback or testimonials can lead to a nightmare. In today’s technologically advanced world it is no big deal to click some amazing pictures of the vacation home and its serene surroundings. You may arrive to your vacation rental only to realize that the owner put a spin on the real picture. It’s always advised to read reviews prior to booking to avoid any issues.

Our vacation rental homes are luxurious, and homey! Every moment you spend with us will be there with you to cherish for a lifetime. Our satisfied customer reviews speak of our excellent amenities and services. 

What basic necessities are provided?

One important reason why people prefer vacation rentals over hotels is as it feels like a home away from home. Knowing about the amenities and equipment that the rental would provide might help to shortlist the one that suits your needs. You can ask a number of vacation questions prior to booking or you can even verify details from the home rental site.

  1. Does it have major appliances like a dishwasher, microwave, washer/dryer, and refrigerator?
  2. How many beds and couches are there? 
  3. Does the home provide common vacation equipment like bikes and beach chairs?
  4. Does the vacation home come with linens, dishes and silverware, and laundry detergent? 
  5. Would they provide beach and bath towels?
  6. Would they provide basic toiletries, such as shampoo and conditioner? 

There is nothing to shy off while asking these mundane questions as finding out what your vacation home has to offer will help you figure out what to pack.

You can heave a sigh of relief if you have rented one of the Mustang Island condos. We have 1 Bedroom/ 1 Bath, 2 Bedrooms/ 2 Bath, 2 Bedrooms/ 2.5 Bath, and 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath condos to accommodate small and large groups with varying requirements. The resort architecture is deeply influenced by the Mayan culture, with each condo having its flair. These condos come with a fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer unit, TV, internet, and DVD player. Some condos even have a jacuzzi while others have direct access to the pool and boardwalk to the beach. 

The best part about these condos is the charismatic view it has to offer. Just past the glass windows, you can enjoy the view of 3 large lagoon pools surrounded by palm trees and you can wake up to a sun-kissed view of the ocean from the rental. Can anyone ask for more?

Our Port Aransas Vacation Rentals offers toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, and face soap. These provisions will be sufficient to get your vacation in gear but you might have to purchase some additional necessities if you are on an extended stay.

Where Exactly is The Vacation Rental Located?

Where Exactly is The Vacation Rental Located?

Although the website may boast beautiful pictures, you need to confirm the location of the vacation rental by looking at Google maps. There are many rental vacation questions to ask about the location. A few of them are:

  1. How close is it to the beach?
  2. Does it offer a sea view?
  3. What kinds of public transportation or parking options are available?
  4. How far is it from other activities and attractions?
  5. How far are the grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping malls?
  6. Is the vacation rental located in a noisy area or is the neighborhood peaceful?

Location is the key when it comes to enjoying your vacation. Considering your priorities and preference will allow you to narrow down the search. Many vacation rentals might be able to fulfill all your desires, whereas, with others, you may have to compromise on certain aspects.

The Mayan Princess resort is strategically located; the vacation rentals in Port Aransas are 9 miles from Port Aransas and 8 miles from North Padre Island. Although it is situated away from the crowds, there is no dearth of activities, attractions, and dining options nearby for a fun-filled vacation year-round. There is so much to do and explore at our vacation rentals in Port Aransas and the Texas Coastal areas. 

You can access  27 miles of Gulf coast beach directly from the Mustang island condos by using the boardwalk. Spend some amazing time in the sand and waters enjoying a range of activities like fishing, surfing, skateboarding, etc.

What is the area like in the off-season?

Many travelers prefer to choose the off-peak season to avoid the high peak season travel expense. But, before you think you have made a smart decision, don’t forget to inquire about the situation during the off-peak climes. You may arrive at your rental only to find that everything in the vicinity is closed. Thus, it makes sense to confirm what activities, recreation, food, and dining would be available so that you can better plan your trip.

What recreation equipment does the rental provide?

Most beach lovers would plan to indulge in tons of beach activities. Without a doubt, they would want access to the equipment for their favorite recreational activity. 

Ask the vacation rental property manager if the equipment you need is provided by them; if yes, you’ll have a lot less to pack! Many vacation rentals are also equipped with book and movie libraries, too.

What are the transportation options?

Before you embark on your journey, speak to the rental in charge to confirm the transportation options. If you’re renting a car, you would want to know where and when you’re allowed to park your vehicle. In many beach destinations, golf carts may be a popular option. You need to check whether the use of one is included. If not, then you need to find out how you can go about renting one. Some vacation rentals send their vehicle to welcome guests at the airport while with others you are on your own. With so many ifs and buts, confirming in advance will help you make your plans!

When do I need to check in and out?

Unlike hotels, vacation rentals usually aren’t staffed 24/7. That makes it essential to confirm when you need to check in or out at the time of booking. You must also know well in advance what to do if you arrive later than the scheduled time, especially if you are traveling with kids and the elderly. 

The check-in and check-out time at the mustang island condos is 4:00 PM and 11:00 AM respectively. 

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

Certain situations may not be in your control; there might be some last-minute family emergencies, delayed flights, the weather turning nasty, and much more. When booking your vacation rental, ask about the terms and conditions related to cancellation policies. 

  1. How much advance notice do you need to give? 
  2. Will you get your deposit back? 
  3. Can you reschedule your vacation for a later date? 
  4. What happens if the issue is a weather-related emergency or a natural calamity?

The future is unpredictable and we hope that you don’t have to alter your plans. But in case you have to, confirming the above details will save you from experiencing the double disappointment of being charged for a vacation you’re unable to take.

At the Mayan Princess, you must be 25 years or above to make a reservation with all reservations subject to a Non-Refundable booking fee. It is mandatory to pay the first night’s rental in cash or using a credit card at the time of booking with the remaining balance due upon check-in. If there is any alteration to your plans, the short-term vacation rentals must be canceled seven (7) days before the arrival date. Only then are you entitled to a deposit refund minus the Non-Refundable booking fee? If the 7 days cancellation period has elapsed and you yet want to go ahead with the cancellation, we will forfeit the first night’s deposit.

If instead of canceling, you want to change the booking date, you can do it once before the 7-day cancellation period without being charged a fee. The new date must be within 1 year of the original reservation arrival date. 

Are there any hidden fees or costs?

Every rental has its policies; at the time of booking, you must ascertain what is included in your package and what other costs you will have to bear. Not all vacation rentals may provide daily room cleaning services like hotels. So it is good to know in advance if a cleaner will come through or you will be in charge of making your bed. Some rentals may even charge for WI-FI and other amenities that they provide. A written rental agreement, defining exactly what you are entitled to will ensure that you aren’t charged unfairly later on.

What is the minimum stay required?

Some vacation rentals require a minimum 3-5-night stay or they charge an additional fee for short-term stays.

The policy at vacation rentals in Port Aransas states that you need to book a minimum Two (2) night stay. And the number of nights upgrades to Three (3) Nights on all Summer Holidays. You can also book Long Term 30 Day Rentals to enjoy some peaceful time near the beach in our plush condos (The booking and cancellation policies vary in the case of long-term 30 day rentals)

What restrictions does the rental impose?

Some rentals may be pet friendly while others may not allow pets. If you are traveling with your four legend friend,  it is essential to confirm if the rental’s policy allows you to do so with or without an additional fee. 

Similarly, if you are traveling with your tiny lads, security is of great concern. You must question the rental manager about the safety of your kids. 

  1. Are there any steep staircases?
  2. Is there proper fencing, especially near the pool?

Some rentals may even have a no smoking or no BBQ policy. A few rentals would not allow guests or parties on their premises. So before you kick start towards your much-awaited destination, get things sorted in writing with the vacation rentals. 


Renting a vacation home requires you to do quite a lot of research, especially if you have not stayed in the rental previously. But with The Mayan Princess, you can go ahead and book a rental home for your next vacation without any additional stress. We are the perfect destination for a family reunion or a trip with your friends. Cheers to a fun-filled beach vacation!

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