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Planning your beach wedding in Port Aransas

beach wedding

Many couples wish to have a wedding bash that is off-beat. Destination weddings are in trend, where couples book an activity-filled resort for their loved ones. Another twist for shore-loving couples could be to have a beach wedding.

They are far from conventional church or indoor weddings due to the serene backdrop they offer. The romantic aura and songs of the cool winds blowing from the oceans add to the pleasure of exchanging vows. Tie the knot in style on the sandy spots and book rental condos in Port Aransas for yourself and your clan for a fun-filled wedding weekend.

You will be on the lookout for a destination where the beach and the condos are in proximity. We welcome you to The Mayan Princess, which has the best mustang island condos. The beach condos overlook the 3 private lagoon pools and are equipped with world-class amenities to spice your stay. We have a party room if you wish to enjoy some pre-wedding bash.

Without much ado, we will walk you through some tips to plan a perfect beach wedding in Port Aransas.

beach wedding

Below are the things you need to keep in mind before you plan your beach wedding:

1) Accessibility to the beach

You may certainly fall in love with some beach locations at a glance, but remember it’s not just going to be the two of you. The beach must be convenient to reach from the main road for all those invited for the big day. Some elderly cannot walk for miles on the sandy beaches. So check if there is any nearby parking as you don’t want to miss being blessed by them. 

Not only the guests, but the decorators, food organizers will all have to face inconvenience if the location is too much in the interiors. If the state law requires a permit, make sure you have cleared the legalities well in advance.

2) Keep the weather in mind

Even the best plans can be ruined simply if the weather is nasty. The tides, sun, and winds are crucial factors for planning a destination beach wedding. Tides crashing against the shore can add romantic rhythm to your wedding, but they can take a minute to spoil the charm. Your vows can drown in the noise without a professional sound system. The water can take minutes to creep in, drowning the venue if the wedding location is too close to the water. The scorching sun can take a toll on the elderly and children. 

To avoid the scorching heat and pouring crowds at the beach, walk down the aisle either in the morning or sunset. If this is not possible, keep the guests cool by covering the seating area with a canopy. You may be glistening in the shade, but your guests will die in the heat. Thorough research can help to save your dream day from being ruined.

Despite all the planning it is difficult to predict Mother Nature. Have a backup plan ready in case the nature elements work against your will. Book a tent at the beach where you can run when Mother Nature does not cooperate.

4) Choice of food 

Choice of food

Some food items can be difficult to manage in the scorching heat. Food storage is a hassle when it comes to beach weddings. You cannot pick any food item that can melt or get spoilt quickly. Think of your buttercream cake without refrigeration? Since the beach rentals at the Mayan Princess are just a walk from the beach, you can choose to get married at the beach and then serve the food at the majestic resort. 

Make sure to visit the place in advance to avoid any last-minute hitch.

5) Wedding attire

You want to look the best on your D-day; the most important day of your life. You might have envisioned this a thousand times in your dreams. We have some tips here for wedding attires that can give you the least stress and the utmost pleasure:

  • Long flowy gowns can pose challenges for a beach wedding. The trouble especially starts to creep when you are strolling down the beach to capture the picture-perfect moments with your beau. A lighter dress that is easy to carry would be our tip for the day.
  • When it comes to fabrics, lighter weight fabrics like chiffon and charmeuse, can beat the beach heat and are free-flowing. Unlike dresses with lace fabrics, they will not allow dirt to collect on your beautiful dress when you walk down the aisle.
  • Some people think that a bride is incomplete without a veil. But when you plan to exchange vows at the beach, your veil will have to fight a battle with the winds to stay steadfast. Look charming by opting for fresh flowers or fascinator instead of the traditional veil. 
  • If you want to leave your hair loose, make sure your stylist is around all the time to get the strands off your face. A hair updo is the best bet for a stress-free beach ceremony. A fancy updo can transform your entire appeal.
  • Choosing the right footwear can be an intimidating task. Heels would be tough to wear in the sand. Replace heels with customized wedges or espadrilles to retain elegance and comfort at the same time.
  • Casual suits that are lightweight would do justice for the best men and groom. Penguin suits can be a nightmare for them.
  • Go for colors that complement the natural beach environment; something that looks good with the sand and turquoise water. The pictures will be dull and blurry if you miss choosing the right color schemes for your attire and the decor.
  • You can go out of the way to inform your guests to skip the formal attire and wear casual clothes. They can wear flip-flops, hats, florals to add to the charm.

6) Wedding decor

You cannot be fussy when it comes to choosing decor for beach weddings. The beauty of the waters is so mesmerizing you can sober down on the wedding decorations. The prime concern is that it has to be wind friendly. Use sturdy decor so that it will stand up against the winds and sun. Hold downlighter items like table cloths with something heavier or secure them with springs. Instead of using towering candles and super lavish flowers, choose decor elements like seashells, lanterns, anchors, etc that complement the seaside setting.

Get Set to say I Do:

Get ready to tie the knot in the lap of nature, in earth’s paradise at the sandy beaches in Port Aransas. This destination is not only perfect for weddings, but you can spend a romantic Valentine‚Äôs Day with your love at the beaches. When looking out for condos in Port Aransas for rent, visit The Mayan Princess, a small condominium resort which is absolutely apt for your wedding.

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