How to stock your vacation rental for a great guest experience

Port Aransas in Texas is a magnificent vacation destination for many holiday goers. But with such destinations come hefty hotel bills!  Well, this is a great let down for a lot of globetrotters. But wait! There is a long list of vacation rentals in Port Aransas to choose from!  

But how can vacation rentals exceed the expectations of the guests? By making sure it is stocked up with all the required amenities to make the guest stay nothing less than pleasant. Any extra effort will make the stars jump in the review box which will obviously rate your vacation rental higher in the search result.

Keep reading the article to learn more about turning vacation rentals into a heavenly abode for your guest. Learn the amenities that you, as a guest, should look for, and also, you, as a rental owner, should implement into your property.

What are the basic Amenities that every vacation rental should have?

Believe it or not! The amenities you offer as a host tells a lot about your property! The goal is to attract guests that return to your vacation rental each time!

So, next time when tourists browse through their options, make sure you stand out!

Dive in to get some exclusive tips!

  • Flexible check-ins: Globetrotters love the idea of hassle-free flexible check-ins. With that being said, you do not have to be available 24/7! You can install an automated check-in system or keyless entry. This will make a memorable first impression!
  • Wi-Fi service: The Internet is the most basic amenity nowadays. Having a fast and convenient Wi-Fi service can help a long way attract guests to your vacation rental. Mostly, travelers expect smooth Wi-Fi services in Port Aransas vacation rentals. And that’s exactly why The Mayan Princess goes real fast on the internet connectivity.

Also, not having an internet service can prevent tourists from booking your vacation rental. It might also result in a negative review if it isn’t specified previously. 

  • Streaming options: Holidays are incomplete without some good series or movies to stream! To step up to the game, you can opt for cable television on a Smart TV. This will allow your guests to watch the local news and stream movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, etc. 
  • Quality sound system: Who doesn’t love good music? Make your rental come alive with some good speakers. You can install a surround sound system in the living room next to the television so that your guests can have the best watching and listening experience. 
  • DVDs and books: If your guests are not too fond of movies or you do not want to invest in any extra subscriptions, don’t worry! You can add a DVD collection of some classic movies. And for the book-loving globetrotters, you can dedicate a small space and turn it into a mini library!
  • Games: Families that travel with children always look for something child-friendly! To make sure that even the young guests have the same amount of fun, you can add some video games as well. Suggestions? Well, a Play station or a Nintendo would suffice! 

On the other hand, also keep an eye for some family time! Let your guests have some quality family time. You can also add some family-friendly games like board games or cards. 

  • Chargers: Make no mistake! Even the most seasoned hodophile can forget his/her charger home or even lose or break them! Become a lifesaver by adding some universal adapters or chargers to the amenities list.
  • Maps and Recommendations: Your guests can feel lost if they are visiting the destination for the first time! To make their journey convenient and more homely, you can add some maps and a list of all the local shops and cafes they should visit. 
  • Transfer and tours: Spare your guests the hassle of booking their ride. You can collaborate with local businesses and offer them a list of transfer and tour services like pickup or drop at the airport, chauffeur service, and sightseeing tours. 

Amenities for the kitchen!

Providing kitchen amenities to the guests is also important. From seasonings to spices to a considerable amount of plates, jars, and mugs, it is surely an advantage. To add the cherry on top, you can also add bottle openers and wine glasses!

Here is a list of some appliances that every holiday home kitchen should have!

  1. Necessary Appliances: Travelers often cook their food as it saves some cost. Here are some basic things that you can add to the kitchen!
  • A sharp set of knives for cutting different food items. Full sets of crockery’s like serving dishes, etc. 
  • Add in a kettle and a coffee maker for all the tea and caffeine lovers. Adding appliances like rice cookers, microwave ovens, are also helpful. 
  • Do not forget to add spatulas, mixing equipment, etc. 
  1. Complimentary meals and stocked refrigerators: To make your guests feel more comfortable, you can add some complementary food items in the fridge along with a complimentary breakfast or lunch offer. You also go the extra mile and contact your guest beforehand about any dietary requirements. 
  1. Cleaning appliances: If your guests are planning to stay for a long time, they might feel the need to keep their cooking area clean. So, you can offer room service options or even add some clean-up appliances like a mop, sponge, or even a dishwasher. 
  1. Pet-friendly equipment: How can one forget the four-legged friends? If you allow pets on your property, you can stock complimentary pet food. You can also dedicate a space for the pets to stay in. 

Other Amenities

Other than the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom also require a great deal of attention to hook the guests in. 

  • Bedrooms: Bedrooms are the most important part of your holiday home. As a host, making sure that your guests have a relaxing time is essential. Shop for quality linens that last longer and layer the bed with comfortable pillows. You can also opt for medical pillows for providing support to your guests if they suffer from back pains, etc. Don’t forget to add the mosquito nets and the blackout curtains! You can include some earplugs, sleep masks for undisturbed sleep!
  • Bathroom: A top-notch bathroom can give you the five-star rating you’ve always dreamed of! First things first, add a set of complimentary toiletries for your guests. Moreover, include fresh towels along with hairdryers and other hair care appliances. If you do not wish to stuff your bathroom with these toiletries, you can also offer a set of personal care kit instead.


The best way to select the items is first to understand the type of holiday home you own. If you have a beach vacation rental, you need to add extra towels, bathrobes, etc. We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you to come up with your list of amenities and turn your holiday home into a home away from home! 

When visiting Port Aransas, book your stay with The Mayan Princess. Starting from luxurious stay, lip-smacking dishes, to breathtaking views we have got you covered in every way. So, quit yourself from the hassle of looking for a place to stay in the world’s one of the most exotic islands.

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