Vacations are a fabulous way to unwind and relax from the daily stress. During summers, beach holidays are a magnificent choice for families and kids. If at all you are on the lookout for a super beach holiday destination, think about no other place than The Mayan Princess. It is a short drive from Corpus Christi bay which is filled with fun activities for the entire family. Beautiful beaches are just a walk away from this popular vacation rental in Port Aransas with mesmerizing views from each of its condos. There is a range of activities within The Mayan Princess that can keep both the adults and kids engrossed with loads of fun all day long. 

Dual family vacations can be cost-effective and add to the fun-quotient. However, it is an irrefutable fact that no two individuals think alike. If everyone does things that they like then the whole purpose of a joint vacation becomes futile. Even if you have known the couple all your life, differences can come in at any point. So to ensure that the vacation runs smoothly without any hitch, somethings need to be sorted out to avoid conflicts. 

 To prevent your vacation on which you might have spent a bomb from being a disaster, follow these guidelines before you decide to vacation with another family.

  1. 1) Check compatibility levels

vacation rental in Port Aransas

As mentioned earlier, to come home back as friends without any hard feelings it is pivotal to ensure that both the families are compatible with each other. As adults, it is much easier to reach an amicable decision, but the differences are much more conspicuous when it comes to kids. Every parent has a different ideology when it comes to upbringing. Some believe in giving liberty to the young clan when vacationing, whereas some prefer not to deter from the usual routine. So that the same rules apply to kids of both families, a favourable decision must be made beforehand.

Even if the adults are co-operative, sometimes the problems may arise due to the kids. Imagine your vacation being ruined just coz your kids do not gel with the family you decided to go out with. It would be like hell to sort out differences between young ones if they are not on the same page. Alas! This ought to be the top priority for a successful co-vacation.

  1. 2) Plan your trip together in advance

Last-minute changes in the trip itinerary can lead to discomforts for some. As a group, it is quintessential to indulge in the same activities; for costs as well as fun. Agreed that you may want your privacy and you have your own choices. But a group must function together. Thus, these things must be discussed in advance with a proper plan chalked out for each day of the trip. Sometimes one individual can take the lead with the planning, keeping everyone’s choices in mind. This can make everyone happy and the trip a memorable one.

  1. 3) Shortlist the right destination

For a beach vacation, there is no place better than port Aransas and when it comes to vacation rentals The Mayan Princess is the best bet. Trust us to deliver all that we promise. We have spacious, luxurious condos with top-class facilities like laundry, cable TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and free wireless internet that are suitable for single families or larger groups. You can choose from our 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condos that can offer a beautiful glimpse of the seaside or our three lagoon pools.

Couples can spend some delightful special time at the large patios or balconies overlooking the sea from their condos. The spacious room layouts can give privacy to kids and adults. They can enjoy some quality family time in the common areas of the condos playing games and savouring delicacies. Keep the kids busy with the activities at our vacation rental will double on quality time with your partner. 

There is no dearth of activities indoors or outdoors. Enjoy games of volleyball, water volleyball, or horseshoes on the property. We have a pool for everyone; kids and adults. Go for deep-sea fishing, skiing, sailing, or surfboarding in the mesmerizing waters. There are so many fun things to do for everyone like shopping, boating, and sightseeing. The list of activities you can pursue is endless. 

  1. 4) Fair sharing

When on a trip together you incur several expenses that need to be accounted for and shared equally. There are expenses for traveling, food, lodging, and activities. Money matters can sometimes make things nasty so it’s better to rely on technology such as the Trip Splitter app that is available on iTunes to track and split the trip costs. It makes things easier and helps to end the trip smartly.


With our tips, if you think you are ready to plan your next beach vacation, waste no time and book the most lavish rental condos in Port Aransas. The Mayan Princess Offers luxurious holiday vacation rental in Port Aransas that is suitable for your co-vacation be it with your neighbor, a close friend, or a cousin. Each condo has its elegance and is reasonable priced for the amenities we offer. You need to visit us once for a true testimony.